Tom & Aurelie

 This Belgian acoustic duo started out in 2004 and has since received numerous prices and award. Their debut album “Festina Lente” was album of the year by national radio Klara and fROOTS called it “our favourite new album”. After playing the major festivals and touring in France, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Senegal, … the Belgian minister of culture even gave them in 2021 the Flemish Folk Award for Best Live Band.  In the vibrating Belgian folk scene they are considered the most interesting musical act since they fully exploit that strange “Belgitude” which is sometimes defined as creating an identity out of a non-identity.


On stage they use unexpected instruments like a trumpetviolin, a viola d’amore, a musical saw, a sitar and a one of a kind bouzouki which was invented and constructed especially for them. To this they add their polymorphic voices, then rasping, then crystal and silky, sublime. Sometimes it sounds like Goethe married to Tom Waits, sometimes like a Mali blues on a nail box violin, sometimes like French fantasy chanson and sometimes like a baroque viola d’amore in constellation with a fat grooving classical guitar. They radiate a rare madness while maintaining sharp focus on various nomadic melodies. You cannot put a format on them, their music is free and graceful, timeless yet mortal.

Folkworld called them “one of the most inventive European folk related groups” and their latest album “The Seven Gardens” reached #4 in the European World Music Charts.

To keep the touring as sustainable as possible, this couple uses the solar power from their off-grid cabin in the Ardens to charge their long range EV packed with instruments. If need be, they can even power their PA with the car. True off-grid folk ! 

ALSO available: 

A musical theatre play ” La Linea”. a 40 min children/family show.

A possible performance in the afternoon prior to an evening concert or for festivals.

TOURING  14 – 23 March 2025


TOURING:  14 – 23 March 2025

also available for festivals


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