About Strada Music

About the Strada Music Agency

“For the best in Folk, Blues, Acoustic, Americana, and World music: Worldwide”

Strada Music International Ltd  represents some of the most established names in the Folk, Roots, World, Jazz & Americana genres, as well as providing a wealth of other services such as event & venue programming, festival organisation, special projects & consultancy.

With such a wide range of experience in many different fields in the music business, Strada is well positioned to offer an experienced & knowledgeable service to its roster of quality artists.

With the advent of  the Coronavirus pandemic from March 2020 onwards, all of  the staff at Strada now work from home. We have regular weekly on-line meetings and share on-line IT resources, which has resulted in big financial savings for the company and more efficient ways of working. Due to reduced travel and office heating costs, the company’s carbon footprint is considerably reduced. Our Sustainability Policy is due to be published in 2023.

Equal Opportunities – in preparation

What we do

  1. We list all our artists our website at www.stradamusic.com, via our social media channels and regular email newsletters.
  2. We book shows & tours for our roster of artists.
  3. We prepare & issue artists contracts and invoices to promoters and venues.
  4. We collect fees from promoters on completion of contract & distribute them to the artist.
  5. We maintain an up to date calendar of all our artists bookings and their availability.
  6. We attend the main UK & international live music industry events and conferences so as to maintain & develop good links with venues and festival organisers.
  7. We support all our artists with advice & suggestions to help them to advance their career.
  8. We offer management & other services, such as consultancy and event planning to event organisers. There is a separate chargeable fee for management & other services.
  9. We issue Certificates of Sponsorship (UK Work Permits) for International Artists performing in the UK. There is a separate chargeable fee for a CoS. (We do not arrange visas.)
  10. We deal with Withholding Tax payments for International Artists.

What we do not do.

  1. Strada do not promote shows, sell or advertise show tickets.
  2. Strada is not a travel agency. We do not book or organise artists travel & accommodation. (Accommodation may be included & booked for artists by a promoter in a negotiated deal. If not, or if a buyout is given, booking travel & accommodation is the responsibility of the artist or their tour manager).
  3. We are not a PR agency. We will liaise with an appointed PR company.
  4. We do not arrange visas for artists. We can offer limited advice in some circumstances.
  5. We don’t produce or design printed material for our artists, but we keep copies of digital publicity assets for venues to download for marketing purposes.

What we charge for our agency services

We charge a commission fee to all artists which is calculated as a percentage of the artists final net fee.  

For management and other services we negotiate an agreed fee with the client.

Artists needing representation

Artists who are in need of agency representation are welcome to contact us to discuss their plans.

We receive many submissions and we consider them all. If we are interested in working with you, we will let you know.

If you do not hear from us, it means we cannot work with you right now. We can sometimes offer advice – as explained above.

 Strada Music International Ltd: Member #994 The Entertainment Agents Association (Great Britain)