Celtic Fiddle Festival

Available July 2025

“Three sensational fiddlers from three distinct Celtic traditions.  Exhilarating fun!” Boston Herald

Called “three of the finest folk violinists anywhere” by The Washington Post, Celtic Fiddle Festival celebrates the violin in all its globe-trotting variations. Fiddlers Kevin Burke (Ireland), Yuna Léon (Brittany, France) and Capercaillie’s own Charlie McKerron showcase a fascinating juxtaposition of international and individual styles.

Sold-out tours and standing ovations give testimony to the electricity and excitement generated by the group. Along with acclaimed guitarist Nicolas Quemener from Brittany, the quartet combines their talents, musical traditions, and spontaneous humor for an evening of dazzling energy and subtle grace. These traditional masters showcase their regional repertoires and together conjure an experience of breathtaking performances.

Kevin Burke is a world-renowned Irish fiddler whose formidable career includes the seminal Irish groups The Bothy Band and Patrick Street. Playing the fluid, highly-ornamented style of County Sligo, Kevin is a recipient of the NEA’s National Heritage Award.  Yuna Léon is the most recent addition to the group. An accomplished and exciting musician, she grew up with traditional music from an early age and has become one of Brittany’s foremost fiddlers.   Charlie McKerron is one of Scotland’s finest fiddle players, having touring the world with Capercaillie amongst his many other projects.

In concert each artist plays a solo set, showcasing their individual musical styles and traditions, followed by a collaborative set featuring all three fiddlers. Together, they play with such relentless precision and fire that the tunes transcend all cultural and geographical barriers, leaving the audience with a memorable musical experience.

 “Three of the finest folk violinists anywhere. A mastery of regional fiddle styles with alternately soulful, dazzling and nuanced performances.” The Washington Post

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