Sustainability Statement

Strada Music – Sustainability Statement

Strada Music LLP  aims to be an environmentally responsible company. Our Sustainability Statement outlines our sustainable objectives & responsibilities.

  1. Our Agents Responsibilities

Our agents will work to achieve the following: 

    • Stop producing unnecessary printed material within the agency wherever possible. We’re aiming towards ZERO use of print within the office and for event / artist publicity.
    • Use digital means to back up documents (Network Backup Drive/ Dropbox/ Cloud systems).
    • We will include a  “Please do not print this email.” reminder to all outgoing messages & emails.
    • Use our Overture booking system to efficiently reduce the need for non renewable resources.
    • We plan tours using good, economical routin.g  We will book shows in a logical, geographical sequence wherever possible.– Aim to cut down on miles travelled by artists
    • We will give routing more future emphasis than we have done in the past.
    • Add “STRADA MUSIC Supports Sustainable Touring” reminder to all outgoing messages & emails

    • We will use a renewable green energy supplier or tariff for our home-offices. (e.g. Octopus Energy)
    • We use 34SP Ltd  as our ISP (internet service  provider)  a company with sustainable / green credentials.  (
    • we hold virtual meetings & phone calls rather than face to face meetings. (Zoom/ WhatsApp)
    • When travel to meetings or events is necessary we will use Public Transport if possible. (Trains use 70% less than private car.)
  • Prioritise greener venues – ask venues about their own environmental policies.
  • Sign up to
  1. Agents Supporting Artists

We ask that our artists show a commitment to reducing the damaging impact on the environment of live music events of all kinds.

We will:

  • Provide links on our website to resources that artists can use to improve sustainability. (Julie’s Bicycle)
  • Support the artists travel plans in reducing climate impact:
    • Encourage artist use of vehicles with the lowest CO2 emissions. Electric cars, low CO2 vans etc.
    • encourage driving at a lower speed to save fuel cutting cost and CO2
    • encourage & support those artists using public transport where practical.
  • Help artists to publish riders that:
    • specify no plastic water bottles
    • cut down on wasteful & excessive riders, especially luxury foods and foods with excessive air miles.
  • Provide Carbon offset examples / opportunities for artists
  • Assist and Encourage – Artists to source sustainable merchandise


  1. Agents Supporting Venues, Festivals & organisers

Strada Supports Venues, Events and Festivals who are committed to:

    • Encouraging low carbon travel by audiences, e.g. city events & town centres with good access to public transport.
    • Smaller scale venues, festivals and events that are rural, so that audiences do not have to travel long distances to events.
    • Offering audiences ticket price concessions for travel by foot, bike or public transport.
    • Reducing energy consumption by using low energy stage equipment, lighting amplification, insulation and heating.
    • Using an energy supplier that supplies renewable energy.
    • Generating their own renewable energy for use at events (Solar/ Wind/ Kinetic )
    • Encouraging / Support use of paperless tickets
    • Using digital marketing in preference to print.
    • Having a policy of responsible non-wasteful use of print when it is used
    • Reducing and recycling all waste at the event / venue.
    • Having an strong environmental policy in all areas

Links & Resources

Links to resources that artists and events may find helpful in their own quest to become more environmentally sustainable.

Eco Age Consultancy

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