Robbie Cavanagh

“One of my absolute favourite UK grassroots artists” ~ Bob Harris

A self confessed devotee of ‘real music’, Robbie Cavanagh is not defined by genres.

The only rules are good musicians, real instruments, great microphones, and performance with emotion, capturing sound, not producing it.

Robbie performs self penned, unscrubbed tales of heartbreak, loss, love and discovery, and when he puts pen to paper, he lives by his own words; ‘The more you wrestle with an idea, the more contrived it becomes’. Robbie writes with honesty, emotion, and most importantly, instinct.

Though his last record ‘To Leave/To Be Left’  received high praise from fans and industry professionals, it’s Robbie’s live performance that has really turned heads and attracted much deserved attention. Stepping out on stage with his long hair, Levi’s and stetson, a guitar over his shoulder and a well earned confidence in his chest, Robbie can hardly open his mouth without also opening his heart.

Performance is Robbie’s way of channelling emotion, with his passion and energy being incredibly contagious.

2022 sees the release of Robbie’s much anticipated 3rd album ‘Tough Love’, the release of which will coincide with a UK tour and a run of summer festival appearances.

“It’s timeless, it’s stunning and it should be in your record collection. It’s not just a phase, it’s a friend.” House In The Sand


Americana, Country, Folk/Rock, Singer / Songwriter


Band, Solo, Trio



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