New albums for Strada artists!

Danny & the Champions of the World
31st July 2017
by Phil Simps

As well as hitting the road in the second half of 2017, a number of our artists have new albums on the way. Here is just a selection of the fantastic new records to look out for:

Danny & the Champions of the World – ‘Brilliant Light’ (LOOSE) – JUST RELEASED!

Ragged but righteous country soul” UNCUT

UK Coutry Soul pioneers, Danny and the Champions of the World, are back with their third epic collection songs. Release on 30 June, ‘Brilliant Light’ delivers 18 magnificent tracks, stretching over two albums. The collaborative creativity at the heart of this album as well as the blend of soul and country delivers a big record of hit after hit.

Holy Moly & the Crackers – ‘Salem’ – Released 14th July

They are a bunch of wild gypsy troubadours with more than a touch of magic about them. Every song is a powerhouse of storytelling and compelling musical arrangement.” Diva Publications

Seven-piece, gypsy folk rock ensemble, Holy Moly & the Crackers unleashed their third album on 14 July. A moonshine mix of genres, ‘Salem’ marks a transition for the band, less gypsy, more rock and is an album steeped in references to baroque, superstitious practice and the dark arts.

The Young’uns – ‘Strangers’ – Released 29th September

Magnificent – destined to become hailed as national treasures before long” Maverick

A homage to the outsider; a eulogy for the wayfarer; a hymn for the migrant.” Award winning Teeside trio The Young’uns release their fourth studio album ‘Strangers’ on 29th September. Bold, profound and resonant, the trio’s strongest suit to date looks back at wartime heroes here, offering a news report for the 21st century there, turning the spotlight on injustice and ultimately celebrating the indomitable human spirit.

Marry Waterson & David A. Jaycock – ‘Death had Quicker Wings than Love’ released 29th September

Jaycock’s delicate arrangements light Waterson’s tales with an enchanted pastoral glow, lifting them to somewhere truly beautiful, strange and unique.” MOJO

This duos first album ‘Two Wolves’ was met with huge critical aclaim, and two years on from its predecessor ‘Death had Quicker Wings’ reaffirms the almost telepathic chemistry generated whenever Marry and David work together. Inscriptions on headstones; Aesop’s Fables; Japanese superstitions – all of these had a part to play in shaping the record. No less crucial to its realisation were the contributions from an extended family of kindred spirits, among them Romeo Stodart (The Magic Numbers) and long-time friend Kathryn Williams.

Peatbog Faeries – ’25 Years’ – Released October TBC

Gloriously unpredictable, a band to treasure.” fRoots

Celebrating a quarter of a century of the “weird but undoubtedy wonderful world of The Peatbog Faeries” (fRoots), the Isle of Skye supergroup will release ‘25 Years’, showcasing a myriad of influences from traditional jigs and reels through jazz, hip hop, reggae and more.

Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys – ‘Pretty Peggy’ (NAVIGATOR) – Released 6th October

Sam Kelly … I just love. What a beautiful singer. He has that really rare male voice, that soft-edged tone, you know those beautiful tenor voices of the 30’s and 40’s…it really draws you in. Sam’s absolutely great, he’s going to go places.” Kate Rusby

With an intoxicating mix of youthful exuberance and instrumental virtuosity, Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys breathe new life into traditional music. ‘Pretty Peggy’, the follow up to Sam’s 2015 debut is released on 6th October. This innovative melting pot of an album, which sees Sam joined by his seven strong line up of ‘Lost Boys’, promises to be his best yet .

Blue Rose Code – ‘The Water of Leith’ (NAVIGATOR) – Released 31st October

Blue Rose Code is as slippery as an eel; a genre dodger; a mess of influences and contradictions. This rare display of soul and emotion will not be boxed, a sign of something special.” Spiral Earth

The much anticipated album from Blue Rose Code, ‘The Water of Leith’ will be released November 3rd 2017, accompanied by an extensive UK tour. Centred around Blue Rose Code’s Ross Wilson’s own homecoming to his native Scotland, the album explores the variety of journeys that life has to offer.