The Mighty Doonans

“A shape-shifting collage of idiosyncrasy, intelligence and musical alchemy that thrills, excites and beguiles the palate. The Mighty Doonans typifies its title-Mighty” fRoots

The Mighty Doonans have a deserved reputation for their imaginative and innovative interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs. Their ability to blend different genres of music and dance into their act leads to thoroughly entertaining performances that audiences everywhere delight in experiencing. The amazing stage show with its glorious mix of folk/rock /jazz influences leaves audiences at festivals, arts centres and music venues spellbound!

Previously known as The Doonan Family Band – a legendary mainstay on the British folk scene for a number of years – The Mighty Doonans has been created by the addition of NEW members. Multi instrumentalist Ian Fairbairn joins Mick and Kevin Doonan, Stu Luckley and Phil Murray in a dazzling blend of drums, fiddle, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, saxophones, keyboards-amazing vocals and more – effortlessly combining in every way. The addition of Mick’s daughter Frances and Stu’s son Jamie have helped create a massive musical and vocal powerhouse. Audiences adore Frances’ front of stage step-dancing to this uplifting music in between her vocal and flute/saxophone duties. Whenever possible, they are joined by other ‘next generation’ family members Ben Murray and Rosie Doonan –or other surprise guests to enhance the line-up.

As well as their trademark infectious high energy tunes, the group include songs performed with such tenderness and depth that the switch of emotions actually tug on the heartstrings –this is not just a feel-good band –it goes much deeper than that. Their debut album ‘The Mighty Doonans’ perfectly captures this.

One of the highlights of the weekend- absolutely brilliant-and so lovely to work with” Moonbeams Wold Top Festival