Luka Bloom

“…someone whose quest is far from over, but whose comfort in his own skin bears testament to a road well-travelled. And the music’s not half-bad either. Magnificent.”  THE IRISH TIMES

Luka Bloom has enjoyed more than twenty five years of success worldwide. Since the release of one of the all-time Irish classics ‘Riverside’ recorded in 1990, people from all corners of the globe have embraced the true beauty of this remarkable musician. He has a catalogue of quality recordings that any songwriter would aspire to.

Luka comes from a family of Irish singers and songwriters. He first went on tour with older brother Christy Moore in the 1970s’. In 1987 Luka went to the US and toured with The Pogues, The Violent Femmes, Hothouse Flowers and The Cowboy Junkies. He has enjoyed many years of successful worldwide tours since.

Luka Bloom has received phenomenal praise regarding his ability as a performer, which has resulted in sell-out shows worldwide. This is a testament to a real troubadour who has worked and developed over many years into a true master of live performance.

“I’m allergic to nostalgia. Long nights reminiscing about the good old days are a bit of a yawn to me. Much more excited by the good now days, the next song, the next gig, the seed of the next record…. And yet, perhaps it’s ok to press the pause button for a moment, and reflect a tiny bit on experiences over a period of time. Not dwell too long; just feel it again, pay respect to the places and the people.”

“Every gig is precious. Whether the Spa in Lisdoonvarna, Carre in Amsterdam, or the Melbourne Concert Hall, the privilege is the same, as is the commitment to the gig.”

“Bloom never fails to deliver an entertaining show, and you are hereby advised to catch him at a town near you” IRISH VOICE