Easy Stride Band

Easy Stride Band are becomming one of the UK’s most popular festival bands. Formed in 2015,  their genre is a deft fusion of pop, soul, world and reggae to create upbeat, feel-good music, combining live vocal and guitar loops with deep bass and head-nodding beats. They’re most at home at outdoor events where their laid back infectious rhythmic sound sets the scene for dancing, smiling and sunshine party vibes. Fun, fresh and fantastic! Easy Stride Band’s catchy and vibrant sound comes from the minds of Joe Fleming, Noah Burton and Benny Brooke. Joe uses a loop station to layer guitars and vocals in real-time to form complex soundscapes, backed by Noah on electronics while Benny lays down the big bass, forming a unique blend of melody and groove that refuses to be pinned down. Immediately captivating, this uplifting trio scream positivity and celebration, a sentiment which is echoed through the band’s performance style; their enthusiasm for the music shines through in their live shows and has engrossed audiences across UK venues and explains their huge popularity at festivals including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Boomtown and Wilderness.

Touring January through June. Available for festivals June through September.