Denny Newman

Denny Newman has been called British blues best kept secret. Currently residing in Odenbach, Germany, Denny first achieved recognition with the 1980 pan-European hit “Lies (through the eighties)” for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, the opening track on the bands’ album Chance. The chorus of the song was sampled in 2020 by rapper Logic for his hit single “Heard ‘Em Say” bringing Denny’s tune to a new audience forty years later.

Between these two Denny has been steadily building his profile, as a member of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and in various solo incarnations he has worked with some of the UK’s finest blues musicians, including Mick Taylor (The Rolling Stones), Robbie McIintosh (The Pretenders), and Snowy White among many others. Denny has honed a song-writing style the quality of which sets him apart from many of his peers.