Andy Irvine & Donal Lunny’s Mozaik

First envisaged by venerable vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andy Irvine (Planxty, Patrick Street), Mozaik is the ultimate global string band- a truly international ensemble who can not only perform music from a wide array of cultures, but interweave their myriad influences into an entirely new sound. Mozaik moves effortlessly from Celtic to old-time to Eastern European music, with intricate string arrangements complementing Andy and Bruce’s vocals.

 The line-up boasts musicians as versatile and eclectic as the music created between them, whose traditions and styles are distinct, yet blend beautifully to form a cohesive work of art. Long time fans from Irvine’s Planxty days will be aware that he has been experimenting with Eastern European melodies and rhythms for a long time now, which is a style he incorporates magnificently into this band.

Line Up:

ANDY IRVINE: vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica

DONAL LUNNY: backing vocals, bouzouki, guitar bodhrán

BRUCE MOLSKY: vocals, fiddle, 5-string banjo

NIKOLA PAROV: gadulka, gaida, kaval, tin whistle, clarinet, guitar, kalimba

RENS van der ZALM: backing vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar